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Culinary Arts

Life is all about food; we don't just eat to live, we live to eat! Culturally, food teaches us so much about ourselves and others, in terms of geography, national identity, religion and communication. 

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Our economy will continue to be driven by globalisation, demographic shifts, and technological advances. These will create highly competitive, rapidly changing work environments for the next generation. Through studying Culinary Arts, pupils are empowered to become informed members of their wider communities, developing practical skills and gaining essential transferable skills for future study / employment. The new centre will be vital in ensuring young people are learning in a contemporary and technologically advanced environment.

Being able to create tangible products always engages our pupils, using resources in a creative environment is essential for our pupils to achieve success. This new facility will also allow us to create active links with professional chefs, use specialist demonstration areas and the new industrial catering kitchen for special events. 

In this day and age, it is especially necessary that young people learn the benefits of a healthy, nutritious lifestyle, along with the valuable skills that Culinary Arts provides. Learning to cook for themselves and others is a skill which will prove vital throughout their lives.

"The creativity and practical detail required inspired me to further my study in Hospitality. My main goal is to open my own restaurant. I believe that the new building will help young people express their imagination and reach their full potential."

Samantha A. T. Pope, former Health and Food Technology pupil 

Career opportunities are bright within the hospitality industry, for those who have the talent and dedication to thrive. One of our former pupils, Katie Brown, is currently running one of Gordon Ramsay's restaurants in America, after achieving the position of Head Pastry Chef at The Savoy Hotel in London.

At the moment however, there is a real lack of work-space at the school. Our facilities are stretched to capacity by even a reasonably-sized class of pupils. For example, a class of 16 have to work within a classroom with only 7 sinks, which is far too small for purpose. As well as this, our resources are limited in terms of cooking facilities themselves, not to mention storage space for ingredients and equipment. The centre of excellence will transform this, offering our pupils and the wider community, the opportunity to thrive within a fully resourced, cutting-edge culinary environment. 

Lesley Ross

Mrs. Lesley J. Ross, Head of Health and Food Technology