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Art & Design

Art teaches you the skill of innovation. Cognitive thinking, problem solving and blue-sky thinking are its very definition. Art is to try and foresee the future, to create a solution, identify its faults, and continually improve that process.

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Art & Design is a subject steeped in creativity. Making that leap into the unknown when crafting something unique can not only be daunting but also highly challenging. The new centre will provide pupils, and the wider community, with an environment that will allow even more autonomy in their learning, and the opportunity to explore niche specialisms suited to their particular creative requirements, from fine art to ceramics.

By embracing experimentation, facilitating innovation and analysing practices, we allow the young generations to gain the experience required to build up and maintain a confident approach. Having access to extensive resources may see them create a bespoke outcome utilising historical weaving techniques combined with industry standard digital media and a modern day printmaking process. There will be exposure to the fact that creative solutions are not bound by individual processes or fields of expertise.

"I love the way that in Art you can create anything. The new centre will help me and others to express our ideas, I can't wait."

Nairn M. Wilson, Art & Design Pupil 

Artists reflect themselves when they create a painting or a sculpture, and this practice is eye-opening for our pupils. As children, they grow up with everything defined in terms of black and white, good or bad, and Art lends itself to the idea that not everything is as easily explained as that. It forces us to examine ourselves and others, and in doing so promotes empathy.

Teaching core skills and introducing self-promotion techniques, enterprise opportunities and a commitment to excellence, we hope to turn creative interests into careers. 

What the younger generations can achieve will only be limited by their own aspirations.

Adam Kerr

Mr. Adam Kerr, Head of Art & Design