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Hearts of Gold Campaign

With our recently launched Hearts of Gold Campaign, we invite you to join us in building a lasting legacy to enable children from all backgrounds to benefit from an HSD education and realise their true potential.

From our inception in 1239, we have welcomed and supported a wide range of young people and our vision is to provide an opportunity for every child to access an education at the School, regardless of their family's financial circumstances.

Every year demand for bursary support is growing, but raising the necessary funds is not easy.

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A significant portion of funds generated each year goes towards support for bursary applications. It costs approximately £80,000 to educate a young person from F1 through to F6 and that is purely to cover tuition fees. We currently provide financial support to 17% of our Senior Years' pupils and our overall aim is to be able to offer a place to any pupil who would thrive within our school, but who perhaps lack the financial means to take up a place.

"I really believe in the benefit of an HSD education and truly hope that you can lend your support to our Hearts of Gold Campaign. Together we can make a difference. Collectively all gifts, no matter how big or small, can transform the lives of our young people and create a legacy that we can all be proud of."
Mrs. Sheena Leadbitter, Foundation Committee (Chair)

All of our young people at HSD are supported to expand their horizons and they ultimately become resilient, confident and ready to take their place in our ever-changing world.

Hearts of GoldEach and every one of our young people contributes something to the school community, which we believe is a wonderful advantage. By making a donation to our Hearts of Gold Campaign we together can enable more young people to be all that they can be.

"Great things can be achieved when we all pull together. Every donation counts, no matter how big or small."
Mrs. Alex McGrory, Head of External Relations & Development

The Foundation rely on the generosity of visionary Donors including Former Pupils, Parents, Friends and Supporters for bursaries to ensure we can continue to offer financial support to families who would not otherwise have the means for a High School education themselves.

We are committed to continuing to be a school where pupils from a wide range of backgrounds have the chance to reach their full potential, and experience life from other perspectives by offering means tested bursaries to eligible families.