Chess Club

Chess 1The Chess Club runs on Thursday lunchtimes, as it has done for many years.  One or two enthusiasts arrive much earlier than the official start time of 1.15pm and more serious players are often flurrying to note down their positions at 1.50pm when Period 6 beckons so they can continue the game next time.  Players also arrange to meet to complete competition matches during other lunch breaks, when the deadlines begin to loom.

Chess 2The Club hosts a number of internal competitions.  The Beckingham Trophy, open to any pupil in Forms 1 – 6, is hotly contested each year.  We also have an Intermediate Trophy, open to Forms 1 – 3 only, which also produces some fierce challenges.  Last but far from least, the Girls’ Chess Trophy has enjoyed a real revival in recent years.  During some Thursday lunchtimes, there have been more girls than boys in the Club!

Chess 3However, the club also opens its doors to the casual players who drift in and out during the session and who enjoy the occasional friendly game rather than competing more seriously.  So, whether you play chess already or just want to learn, come along and the club will make you very welcome.