IMG 6456At a time when the opportunity for pupils and parents to make subject choices within the state sector is being diminished, our pupils (and parents) continue to be able to make decisions about their future based on their interests, talents anp ambitions. As an example, pupils are able to take all three sciences (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) concurrently from N5 through to Advanced Higher level.

Throughout most of their time in the Senior School, all pupils will study Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies, Personal and Social Education, and Physical Education and Games.

Pupils in Forms 1 and 2 study a wide range of subjects, including English, History, Geography, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Home Economics, Computing, Technology, Music and Art, together with modules in Drama and Classical Studies.  In addition, most pupils will study a second language, in addition to French, choosing from Spanish, German, Mandarin or Latin.

From Form 3 onwards, we ask pupils to choose their subjects and construct the timetable round these, not the other way round.

Form 3 therefore sees pupils begin the process of specialisation. However, they don't just select five or six subjects, they continue to choose eight subjects from their studies in Form 1 (with the additional options of Economics and Modern Studies). As a consequence the course remains as broad as possible, and to encourage this, pupils must choose at least one language and one science, along with English and Maths.

In Form 5, the curriculum is expanded to include subjects like Environmental Science, Philosophy, Accounting, and Business Management, taking the total number of Highers offered to 26.
Form 6 pupils normally sit Advanced Highers, choosing from a range that includes Applied Mathematics options in addition to the subjects offered in Forms 1-4.  In all, 21 subjects are offered at Advanced Higher level. (For more on the qualifications the School offers, please click here.) 

Pupils are “set” for some subjects, enabling Departments to tailor courses specifically to the needs of each individual pupil.

Detailed curriculum booklets for each stage of the Senior School can be downloaded below.  These booklets should be taken as a guide only.  Please confirm subject combinations and availability with the Admissions team.

Download our curriculum booklets:

F1 curriculum booklet
F3 curriculum booklet 
F5 curriculum booklet
F6 curriculum booklet
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