Geography develops knowledge of people, places and environments throughout the world, while adding depth to a broad range of investigative and problem-solving skills both inside and outside the classroom. As such, it prepares pupils for adult life and employment and the Labour Force Survey reports geography graduates to be sought after by employers.

Geography is a focus within the curriculum for understanding and resolving issues about the environment and sustainable development. It is also an important link between the natural and social sciences. As pupils study Geography they encounter different societies and cultures. This helps them realise how nations rely on each other and the level of inter-connectivity between places. It can inspire students to think about their own place in the world, their values and attitudes, their rights and responsibilities beyond their own experiences.

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Geography is a popular subject at all levels, including Advanced Higher, challenging students to deepen their understanding of a spectrum of environmental, economic, social and political themes. It is this multi-disciplinary approach that allows the study of Geography to bridge the gap between the natural and social sciences. A variety of field work opportunities support learners through their studies, including local trips within the city of Dundee, further afield to the Cairngorms and the opportunity to participate in residential field work to the Yorkshire Coast, Barcelona and Iceland.

Topics studied throughout Form 1 and Form 2 include 'The Geography of Crime', 'People and the Planet', 'Earthquakes and Volcanoes', 'Weather and Climate' and 'China Studies'. This is in preparation for continuation to the National 5 course where students will further develop their understanding of the roles people play in an ever-changing world and the challenges facing the global village in the 21st century.


The programme of study is designed to offer students the valuable experience of a geographical approach to an understanding of the world, from a variety of perspectives. Geography aims to foster an enquiring approach to student learning while developing students into independent learners. We have links with the University of St Andrews and the University of Dundee in fostering new approaches to the delivery of the geography curriculum at all levels.

Geography is taught at every stage by an experienced team of professionals who contribute to the smooth running of the department and play a significant role in the wider school community, including participation in the Combined Cadet Force, Duke of Edinburgh's Award, School Charities and a variety of sports clubs.

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