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Our carefully planned wide-ranging curriculum seeks to develop each child's potential and make learning fun, with a balance between structured learning time and less formal play and discovery.

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Literacy and Language Development lies at the heart of everything we aim to do. Stimulating opportunities abound for children to develop language and vocabulary through various play activities. Stories and rhymes happen every day and books, notices and signs surround the children. We also begin to make children aware of other languages. In our pre-school year, if ready, children are encouraged to take the first steps into learning about letters and sounds.

Number and Numeracy is taught in a multitude of ways. As they engage in play, every opportunity is taken to develop children's understanding of numbers.
We talk about measurement, size and volume as children experiment with the likes of sand and water or take part in baking sessions.
Awareness of patterns is also developed.

Health and Well-being is a fundamental part of child development at this stage. Children are only just learning to interact with each other.
They are encouraged to play together, to take turns, to share and to listen to each other. Fairness and respect for others forms a fundamental part of nursery life, aiding the transition to school.
In developing their confidence and self-esteem, we encourage children to make choices and decisions and to contribute to the planning of the Nursery.
We also encourage good hygiene and set good habits for life by promoting healthy eating.

Physical Development Children have plenty of opportunity to run, jump and exercise outdoors!
We are fortunate in being attached to a multi-million pound games centre and we take advantage of its superb facilities as well as the specialist teaching provided by the School's PE staff. Bikes and scooters, balls and bean-bags help co-ordination. Fine motor skills are also be developed through art, craft and construction activities.

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Exploring the World We aim to encourage each child's natural curiosity about their world.
The vast green space and wooded areas at Mayfield allow the children to observe nature - the trees, wildlife, the weather and seasons. We also go on outings in the local area and beyond. Our Nursery grassy area has lots of space for the children to grow plants and vegetables. Science and nature are explored through displays and special topics, feeding the children's appetite for knowledge. We also start to explore world religions by looking at celebrations and special food.

The Expressive Arts Because children use the expressive arts as a way to make sense of their own world, we provide numerous opportunities for them to take part in role-play. An area for 'messy play' and a whole raft of art and craft activities are available, from paints and clay to collage-making and printing. One of the School's specialist music teachers visits to provide focused input, but songs and music-making are also a spontaneous part of everyday nursery life.

Catering Healthy eating forms an important part of the day. All of our food is provided and prepared on-site by the School's caterers Chartwells, who specialise in producing fresh, balanced, nutritious menu choices. Children help prepare their own snacks and have the chance to try new and exciting tastes. Lunch is provided and served under the supervision of our staff. Lunch and snacks are included in the fees.

If you have any questions about our nursery, please contact Mrs Alex McGrory on 01382 202921, or email nursery@highschoolofdundee.org.uk

For details of how to apply for a place, please visit our Admissions section.

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