Pupils’ desire to perform means the show must go on!

For budding High School of Dundee musicians, the show must go on!

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Before the Covid-19 pandemic, every week pupils throughout the Junior and Senior Years were given the chance to take to the stage of Trinity Hall to play their particular instrument for an audience of fellow pupils, staff and parents in a Performance Platform.

Although – for the moment - the concerts can no longer take place in front of a physical audience, the desire of the young musicians to go on performing has seen the Platforms continue with sessions in Margaret Harris Hall instead being streamed live to appreciative family members and friends, near and far!  

Piano teacher Stephen Armstrong organises the Performance Platforms. He said, “It has been wonderful to be able to continue giving the pupils the opportunity to play to an audience and to develop their performance skills.

“More and more these days, we’re finding that pupils might have to record themselves, for example for an audition or exam, so being comfortable performing for a virtual audience is definitely a very relevant skill to have.

“It has been a joy for us all in the Music Department to hear live music and nothing can beat this, but there are some definite benefits to streaming. Our audience on Zoom had someone's aunt join us from San Francisco! We also had a dad join from his office at work! It’s been fantastic to be able to welcome everyone and the pupils are really enjoying performing.”

High School of Dundee parents can join the concerts, which take place on a Thursday afternoon at 4.15pm, via a Zoom invite.