The Roman is coming!

A special visitor came; he saw; and he conquered (the imagination of L4!)!

Children in L4 were visited by a Roman soldier

All roads led to Ancient Rome for some Junior Years pupils as they welcomed a very special guest into their classroom.

Children in L4 were given a fascinating insight into life within the much-feared armies of the famous empire when they were visited by none other than a fully armoured Roman soldier - otherwise known as Head of Classics Edmund Faulkes, who is a member of the Roman re-enactment group, the Antonine Guard! 

The fearsome warrior showed the youngsters weapons from the time and discussed the organisation and tactics which Rome’s military put to use to world-conquering effect more than 2000 years ago. 

Far from being cowed by the imposing sight of the battle-ready soldier though, the inquisitive children launched their own campaign, subjecting Mr Faulkes to a barrage of questions as they sought more information on the empire, which they had been studying as part of a class project!

L4 teacher Shona Fish, said, “It’s amazing to be able to access such a knowledgeable source as Mr Faulks.  He is able to make the topic come to life for the children and they love being able to interact with a ‘real soldier’.  His visit is always a highlight of our year and something that the children remember for the rest of their school life.”

L4 teacher Amber Steven, said, “The children were absolutely mesmerised by the spectacular weaponry and armour. They enjoyed the opportunity to bombard Mr Faulkes with inquisitive questions and his visit has inspired them to learn even more about Roman history.”