The Columns celebrates 50th edition!

Congratulations to the talented team of HSD journalists who are behind The Columns - today they are celebrating the 50th edition of the pupil-led-and-produced publication!!

The Columns 50th edition

Writing in the milestone issue, Editor-in-Chief Sahar Jafferbhoy, says, "We’ve made it to issue 50! From Quarantimes to Term Times to Quarantimes: Here We Go Again, and now to The Columns, it’s been quite a journey!

"I clearly remember Malavikha (our former editor) texting me back in April 2020 asking me if I would like to join a school newsletter, and now nearly 2 years later, what began as a something to fill time in lockdown is a publication that grows bigger and better each week."

Well done to everyone who has been involved with the publication so far! 

You can download a copy of the 50th edition by clicking here.