Social Good Connect: HSD signs up to give back

The High School of Dundee is getting behind an innovative social enterprise project as it seeks to give back to the local community.

Social Good Connect

The School has signed up to Social Good Connect, a non-profit digital search and match platform which allows company employees to volunteer with their employer’s support and help the communities they serve and overstretched charities.

Aiming to connect an organisation’s staff with physical and virtual volunteering opportunities for a wide range of causes which they may have an interest in, Social Good Connect also has employee wellbeing as a focus, as well as enabling organisations to measure their social impact.

So far more than 150 Scotland-based businesses and charities have joined the movement.

Speaking to Social Good Connect, High School of Dundee Rector, Lise Hudson, said, “Part of my vision for the school is that we make a significant impact through local community outreach in and around Dundee.

“When I spoke to Caroline McKenna, the founder of Social Good Connect, it set off so many bells in my head for how I’d like us as an organisation to be able to make a difference locally.

“I want to be able to utilise the skills and experience of the Social Good Connect team to capture and help us develop our commitment to volunteering. I want to demonstrate that we’re committed to making our resources, whether that’s people, time, facilities or space, available to the local community. Partnerships like this will help us do that.

“I’m very conscious that many of our staff already volunteer for a range of different causes and charities, and this also gives us a way to recognise and build upon that. Over time I’d love to see many of our teachers and support staff applying for roles, even if it’s to give just an hour of their time and skills now and then to someone less fortunate. We’d like at some point to be able to get young people involved as well.

“The potential impact the platform could have on the way communities help one another is huge, and it’s important for us to play a part in that.”

You can find out more about Social Good Connect here and you can read the rest of the interview with Mrs Hudson here.