Scotland China Education Network Summit Success!

Exciting news from the 9th Scotland China Education Network Summit!

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The event celebrated and showcased Scottish schools' progress in learning about China and the Chinese language.

A Chinese-speaking competition was held among the schools, and HSD pupils impressed the judges with their impressive language skills and cultural understanding! Ayyan (F1), Imogen (F1), and Leon (F3) secured an impressive 1st place in the B3/B4 category, while Ash and Ruby (F3) received the Prize of Excellence.

Additionally, all seven attending HSD pupils were honoured with the Group Participation Award, recognising their teamwork and representation of the school.

As a result of their efforts, the school has been awarded a translation pen that will hugely benefit the learning experiences of our pupils.

Well done to Leon, Ayyan, Imogen, Ash, Ruby, Mollie, and Gemma! You’ve made us all proud!