Arrangements for return to school on August 17th

It's our intention that all our pupils will return to school full-time, 5-days-a-week, from 17th August.


Return to school August 2020

We will be following Government guidelines and will be able to comply with any physical distancing requirements be that 2 metre or 1 metre distancing in classes as well as additional safety and hygiene measures.

Return to School summary

We will continue to follow Government guidance and our plans have been developed to enable us to cater for the following scenarios:

  • a full return for all our pupils 5-days-a-week with 2m distancing;
  • a full return for all our pupils 5-days-a-week with 1m distancing;
  • a return to normal classes;
  • the best possible online learning and teaching if there is a return to lockdown

We were delighted to be able to share detailed Return to School guides with HSD pupils and parents last week, a summary of which can be seen above.

In order to comply with the Scottish Government's guidelines on the re-opening of schools, we have had to make changes to the way the Senior Years and Junior Years school day is organised. The detailed guides clarify these changes and, we hope, offer reassurance that the safety and wellbeing of our pupils is our top priority. 

For a number of reasons, some pupils may be learning from home when we reopen on August 17th and they will continue with our live lessons, with a place kept for them in the classroom so that they can return when they are able to do so.

The Scottish Government is continuing to review its guidance for schools and as we get closer to the start of term, we will be providing parents with more up to date information and a tailored induction programme for L1, Form 1 and Form 6 during the week beginning 10th August. Four staff In Service Days will take place in the week beginning 10th August to ensure that our staff are fully confident with all the new arrangements and can welcome your children back into the adapted environment of the High School.

Rector Lise Hudson said, "We are continuing to work to secure the best possible environment for the return to school where the safety and wellbeing of every one of our pupils and our staff is our top priority."