Rainbow Roundups

Throughout lockdown, Junior Years pupils and parents were treated to a weekly helping of sunshine via Mrs Rose’s Rainbow Roundups.

Rainbow Roundups

Delivered every Friday, the video updates aimed to help keep the Junior Years community connected by featuring news of the various curriculum tasks and activities different year groups had been doing, celebrating the wide ranging acts of kindness carried out by the children in their local communities, sharing images from weekly challenges, and, of course, making the weekly house points announcement! 

The final Roundup took place last week, and included a special thank you from Mrs Rose to all the pupils, teachers and parents, and best wishes for the L7 pupils as they prepared to leave their primary school days behind.  

Mrs Rose added, “As a primary school we were all missing being together and celebrating each other’s success. I created the Rainbow Round Ups to keep us together. It was important for us all to feel connected during this difficult time.

"The response from pupils, teachers and parents was incredible. I loved being able to respond and reply to all, individually, each time they sent me their news. The creativity shown by many as they took part in each weekly challenge was inspiring.” 


Junior Years parents, if you haven’t seen the Rainbow Roundups already, you can watch them in Firefly.