Pupils take time out to tackle littering

High School of Dundee pupils have been helping to preserve the beauty of Scotland's countryside.

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After a group of pupils spotted piles of litter at a remote campsite near Loch Tay while on a Duke of Edinburgh's award exercise in May, those taking part in the recent Gold practice expedition made a beeline for the location armed with gloves and bags to clean it up.

The School's Outdoor Education Instructor, Gordon Ross, was leading the Gold party on what was a canoeing expedition.

He said, "The group's astonishment at how much litter they found was obvious, but they gloved up and got on with it.

"We tidied up the site but, sadly, it's all too common for people not to take responsibility and clear up after themselves. The litter is immediately harmful to animals and in time rubbish will break down and have further environmental impact; micro plastic, for instance, can travel considerable distances and can be harmful to our aquatic life."

Pupil Kirsten Ellis added, "The amount or rubbish was deeply upsetting. Left behind were broken bottles, clothes and even a tent.

"Although it was sickening to see, we felt proud that we had contributed to helping the wildlife and nature we had enjoyed over the previous few days."