Pupils launch wellbeing podcast

A group of Senior Years pupils at HSD have marked Mental Health Awareness Week with the launch of a brand-new podcast.

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Throughout the school year, the Form 6 Wellbeing Prefects have been working together to create a range of resources to help promote and support an awareness of mental health and wellbeing issues. 

As part of that, the group decided to produce a series of podcasts, with each episode focusing on helping the listener to understand a particular aspect of our mental health, before going on to examine helpful self-management techniques, and flagging additional support available both in and out of school.   

Presented by Kirstin Petrie, the first episode - which looks at Anxiety - has just been released on Firefly. Further editions by Kirstin and Emily Baxter, on Social Anxiety and Sleep, are set to follow soon. 

Sam Watson, Deputy Rector and Head of Senior Years, said, “This session, our pupil-led approach has allowed the Form 6 Wellbeing Prefects to lead on the development of our health and wellbeing programme. 

“With their own experiences in mind, they have created a range of relevant and engaging resources to help their peers feel equipped to cope with any issues that might arise around their mental health.” 

The podcast series is their latest initiative, following on from a number of successful assemblies and the launch of the Purple Club. This co-curricular group - led by Abigail Cousins, Charvi Kanodia and Anya Wilson - aims to help break down friendship barriers by providing opportunities for chatting, playing board games and taking part in craft activities. 

Sam added, “I am so proud of all that our Wellbeing Prefects have achieved and want to thank them all for their hard work and commitment throughout the year. They have successfully developed accessible resources that “speak to” their generation and provide the right support for our young people at HSD.”