Pupils join in World's Largest Lesson

Children in L6 have joined in the World’s Largest Lesson!

Pupils join in World's Largest Lesson

Pupils in L6C embraced the world-wide learning initiative which is organised annually by the United Nations with the goal of ensuring that every child grows up knowing and caring about global goals for Sustainable Development and how they can take meaningful, local action to achieve them.

Launched in 2015, the initiative provides an opportunity for pupils across the globe to learn more about the UN’s own Sustainable Development Global Goals, which aim to transform the world by 2030 by seeking to eliminate extreme poverty, reduce inequalities and combat the threat of climate change. 

This year, the pupils reflected on all of the changes that have taken place since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Using Arundhati Roy’s poem ‘The Pandemic is A Portal’ as a starting point, they considered the Global Goals and the opportunity which the pandemic has given us to consider how we can shape our actions to contribute to a better, more sustainable future.

The children also took on the challenge of designing backpacks into which they could place all the things which they feel are needed for this brighter future, including creativity, optimism, confidence, bravery, resilience, family, friends and kindness.

The Junior School’s participation is part of its work towards earning the UN Rights Respecting Schools (RRS) Gold Award.

L6C teacher Lisa Carrie, who leads the Junior Years RRS work, said, “This was an important opportunity to consider the Global Goals and the way in which the children can play a role in raising awareness of them.

"This lesson was enjoyed by the children, and gave them time to pause and consider the small, positive changes they can make to help achieve some aspects of the Global Goals.”