Pupils create ice cream for Jannettas

Have you ever dreamed of creating your very own ice cream flavour? For our F1 Enterprise pupils, it’s a cream come true!

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Owen Hazel, owner of Jannettas, recently visited the pupils and issued them a challenge: develop a new flavour of ice cream for the gelateria.

Having accepted the tasty task, the pupils have embarked on a process of learning important business concepts around product development, and the key factors to consider when working with new products.

Research is already well underway for the exciting project, with the teams researching food trends, local ingredients and produce, as well as studying the branding of Jannettas. The pupils will then apply all they have learned to make the best decisions when it comes to designing their flavour.

The teams will pitch their ideas to their classmates, with the most successful ones being put forward to a panel of judges, and at least three HSD flavours will then go on to be developed into real-life Jannettas products!

Good luck, F1 - we can’t wait to taste the winning flavours!