Pupils bring mythical creature to life!

Children at the High School of Dundee have used a special event to bring a mythical creature very much to life!

Dragon Day

Pupils in L5 have just taken part in a Dragon Challenge Day in which they embraced a range of activities in celebration of the legendary being.

After dressing in suitably themed outfits, the youngsters had the chance to perform songs, take part in drama exercises, create special posters and take on some maths work, all inspired by the fearsome beast!

And to round things off the children were able to show off their fantastic attire in an impressive parade!  

L5 teacher Emma Morenikeji, said, “The pupils seem to have really enjoyed our Dragon topic this term, so they were very excited to take part in the special Challenge Day.

“They’ve been busy the past few weeks researching myths and legends, as well as writing and creating themed artwork, and it was great for them to be able to round things off with a fun celebration.”