Pupils and MSP talk politics

High School of Dundee pupils have been talking politics with a special guest.

Graeme Dey MSP talked to pupils at the High School of Dundee

After welcoming MSP for Angus South, Graeme Dey, to their classroom, F3 Modern Studies pupils jumped at the chance to put the SNP parliamentarian on the spot about a range of matters, ranging from whether a second Brexit referendum should be held and what his daily routine is, to whether he would change any decisions he’d made and how he felt the morning after the Scottish independence referendum!

Mr Dey made his visit after some Angus South constituents in the class had emailed him to ask some questions about the role of an MSP as part of their N5 Modern Studies course. 

He said, “MSPs quite often receive requests from school pupils residing in their constituencies to assist with projects or dissertations.

“Rather than sending back responses to the set questions being asked, I much prefer to give the pupils the opportunity to pose those questions, and any others, face to face. And the High School of Dundee have always been quick to accept any such offer.

“It was, as ever, a pleasure to visit the school recently and engage with the pupils concerned. Their questions were typically considered and perceptive.”