Pupil wins Scottish Schools’ Young Writer of the Year Award

A High School of Dundee pupil has won one of the country’s most prestigious student literary competitions.

Pupil wins Scottish Schools' Young Writer of the Year Award

Changshi Tang, F6, has today been named as the winner of the 2019/20 Scottish Schools’ Young Writer of the Year Award, an annual contest which is open to all 15 to 18-year-old pupils in Scotland.

Organised by the Scottish Review, the competition challenged entrants to write a non-fiction piece on a contemporary issue for a serious magazine or newspaper, and Changshi impressed the 22-strong judging panel with her inspiring piece on the power of languages; Never mind the Pandas.

Broadcaster and writer Sally Magnuson described it as, “A really striking piece”, while Times columnist and former editor of the Scotsman Magnus Linklater said, “It is the passion the writer invests in the subject of language that makes this essay so compelling. A fine piece of writing.”

Commentator and author Gerry Hassan said it was, “A standout winner”, adding “I found the range of insights and understanding in this piece simply breath-taking.”

Changshi said, “I never expected to actually win the competition but it was my English teacher (Mrs Tevendale) who really pushed me to enter because she was really passionate about this competition. And I’m so glad she did!

“Having the opportunity to have your writing read by such talented and well-respected writers is so thrilling and to see their comments was so encouraging and inspiring for me.

On the inspiration for her piece, Changshi said, “Seeing how hard my mum and dad worked to improve their English so they could make an effort to integrate with the culture here was really inspiring to me and I think foreign languages are something that everyone should have the chance to learn.”

The results have been published on the Scottish Review website – www.scottishreview.net – and you can read Changshi’s piece there or here.