Brand-new edition of the High School of Dundee’s ‘Kwyll’ is out now

Literary lovers are in for a treat with the publication of a collection of writings to be reckoned with.

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The latest edition of The Kwyll, the English department’s compendium of some of the best fiction, poetry and essays penned by pupils in class and at home in the past year, is out now and available to download.

Also featuring some vivid illustrations, the publication pulls together inspiring and thought-provoking compositions – including a number which were competition-winning - by aspiring Austens and would-be Wordsworths from F1 to F6. And with a huge range of topics covered, an eclectically entertaining read is guaranteed for all.   

Teacher of English, Jane Fulton, who edited the collection, said, “The Kwyll  2019 is truly representative of real talent in various genres of writing across the school.  Inside, readers will be moved to feel a number of emotions from the huge variety of pieces selected. It has been a privilege to edit The Kwyll and I hope readers enjoy the collection.”

You can read the new edition here