Prize-Giving 2018

The High School of Dundee has brought the curtain down on another busy school year with its traditional prize-giving ceremony.

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Proud parents and family members gathered in a sun-soaked City Square where they were piped in to the annual Caird Hall event, during which prizes were presented to pupils from L4 upwards in recognition of their efforts and achievements in a range of subjects

Prize-Giving, Pipers

Rector Dr John Halliday reflected on some of the highlights from another packed academic session before the guest of honour, former Chief Executive and HM Chief Inspector of Education with Education Scotland, Dr Bill Maxwell FP, shared some advice and words of wisdom with members of the F6 year group as they bade their official farewell to the School.

And while the metaphorical sun may have been setting on the school days of the F6 cohort, the real thing was still high in the sky as the event drew to a close and the summer holidays officially began!