Pipers and drummers compete

Members of the School’s Pipe Band have been looking to steal a – friendly – march on each other in the course of a pair of annual contests.

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On Tuesday the School held its Pipe Band Drumming competition, which saw drummers from throughout the Junior and Senior Years perform in a range of categories, either on their own or accompanied by a pupil piper.   

The competition was judged by the renowned Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association (RSPBA) judge, Paul Turner, who also gave the Pipe Bands a masterclass in preparation for the forthcoming competition season, which starts on Sunday with the Scottish Schools’ Pipe Band Championships.

The School’s Junior and Senior pipers also had the chance to demonstrate their talents when they took part in the Piping competition, which was adjudicated by another renowned RSPBA judge, Jim Semple.

After observing a range of different categories - ranging from beginner chanter players up to senior pipers performing a March, Strathspey and Reel - Mr Semple also shared with the competition Pipe Band some advice and wisdom for the season ahead.

Many thanks to McCallum Bagpipes in Kilmarnock, who generously donated the prizes for both competitions.

Good luck to our Bands for the season ahead!