Old Boys' Club Angling Excursion

The Old Boys' Club were truly on a fishing mission earlier this week as they headed out to Rescobie Loch near Forfar for their annual angling excursion.

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On Tuesday 5 June, after a few tribulations, the anglers took to the waters of Rescobie with full hearts and bellies. The sun graced the group with its presence, with the wind slightly cool but the friendships very much warm.

Everyone had a fantastic evening, despite the fact that the fish were very noticeable by their almost complete absence. A total of 12 anglers managed to catch just 2 fish!

The results of the excursion were as follows:

2nd Place: Jack Hamilton, who caught one 3 3/4 lb fish.

1st Place: Brian Cram, who won the Allardyce Trophy with his catch which weighed in at 4 1/4 lb.

The Ridgeway Trophy for the oldest angler who caught a fish went to Brian Cram. As did the bottle for the heaviest fish.

Lastly, the sweepy winner was Mike Richardson.

Brian, who has been a part of this excursion for approximately 49 years, has made trophy history by being awarded all three prizes in the space of one evening.

The Old Boys are hopeful that more of their fellow former pupils will join them at next year's event.