Nursery receives glowing inspection report

The High School of Dundee Nursery has been praised in an official inspection report for developing happy and confident children.

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The Nursery, which caters for 3 to 5-year-olds in the purpose-built Mary Lily Walker Building at Mayfield, received a glowing assessment after being visited by the Care Inspectorate.

For its Quality of Management and Leadership, the Nursery received the highest grading possible – Excellent – while for its Quality of Care and Support, it received the second highest grading possible – Very Good.

During the unannounced visit, the inspectors found that the staff team were, ‘knowledgeable, skilled and committed to giving children high quality learning experiences. As a result children were happy, confident and made good use of the areas and resources available to them. They were eager to learn and their interests were developed and extended through child centred planning.’

‘We saw aspects of excellent practice in this nursery which was extending children's learning and very positive outcomes.’

The report also noted that children's health and wellbeing was supported through regular activity and outdoor play; the nursery’s three playrooms were bright and well-resourced and that the children had ample space to play and explore; and that parents were very positive about the quality and regularity of information which was shared with them.

As part of the inspection, parents were also asked for their thoughts. Comments received included, "The staff are great. I would be happy to ask them anything", "This place is perfect. I can't fault it", "This nursery has exceeded my expectations" and "Consultation is excellent".

Nursery Manager Sarah Tosh said, “The whole Nursery team have worked incredibly hard over the past five years to establish our fantastic Nursery and we are all delighted with our latest inspection results and the wonderful comments and feedback from parents and carers.

“Our Deputy Manager, Lisa Yule, and I are delighted with the ‘Excellent’ grading for Leadership and Management but we know that it would never be possible without the hard work and dedication of the whole Nursery team and the school staff who support the smooth running of the Nursery throughout the year.”

The Rector of the High School of Dundee, Dr John Halliday, said, “It is a wonderful tribute to Sarah’s leadership and management of an excellent team. It is also a tribute to the staff and helpers who work so hard for the children we are asked to look after and nurture.”

The High School of Dundee Nursery is located alongside the School’s extensive sports facilities on Arbroath Road. It is open to all from 7.30am – 6pm, 50 weeks of the year, and Early Years funding towards places is available.

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The full Care Inspectorate report can be viewed at: