New platoons and new instructor for CCF

Members of the High School of Dundee’s cadet contingent have paraded to mark the establishment of their new platoons.

New platoons and new instructor for HSD CCF

Just before half-term, the cadets paraded in front of the Pillars within their new groupings, Fallujah and Al Basrah, names which derive from Iraq battle honours granted to the Black Watch (3 Scots), the affiliated regiment of the School’s CCF (Combined Cadet Force).

The parade was also the first under the supervision of recently appointed School Staff Instructor Sergeant Chris Panayotou.

Sergeant Panayotou handed the parade over to the Rector, Lise Hudson, who awarded badges of rank to senior cadets (Forms 4-6) who had recently achieved promotion.

Promotion in the CCF is based on progress made by individual cadets through the CCF training syllabus as well as recognition of leadership attributes. 

Various badges of proficiency were also presented by the Contingent Commander in recognition of syllabus progress towards the Army Proficiency Certificate (APC).

The Rector also observed the Trainees (Form 2-3) on parade and commented on how encouraging it was to see so many cadets (86) on parade.

Well done to our cadets and CCF staff on all their hard work so far this session. And welcome to Sergeant Panayotou!