Modern Studies pupils visit Togs for Tots

Higher Modern Studies pupils at the High School of Dundee have visited a local charity to find out more about the fantastic work it does.

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A group of pupils spent time at Togs for Tots learning how it supports families struggling to provide essential clothing and equipment for their children.

The charity receives donations from the public and distributes them to children suffering from the effects of poverty and the High School group had the chance to find out more and ask questions during a tour of the premises. 

As part of their Higher Modern Studies course, the pupils learn about the impact of poverty on children and about how third sector organisations respond to help tackle poverty and inequality.

Karlene Douglas, Teacher of History and Modern Studies, said, “The trip was very impactful. It allowed the pupils to learn more about the scale of the problem of child poverty in Dundee and about local responses to the issue.”

Thank you to Togs for Tots!