Potato and Farming Challenge Day

HSD has been busy cultivating its own crop of potato connoisseurs!

Potato and Farming Challenge Day

Last week, children in L2 had the chance to learn all about the humble tuber, and agriculture more generally, as part of a special Potato and Farming Challenge Day!

The event kicked off with a visit from local potato farmer Gill Lawrie, who spoke to the pupils about the work of farmers and the types of crops they grow.

The youngsters then had some fun making potato people in class before moving over to Health & Food Technology for the chance to prepare their very own tasty potato salads!

L2 teachers Katie Goldie and Margaret Cardno, said, “L2 were full of enthusiasm for their Farming and Food topic, and really enjoyed their day.

“They were interested to hear about local farming as well as use some of its produce in creative ways, bringing their learning to life.”