Make some noise - Performance Platforms return!

Pupils in the music department were thrilled to take to the stage again in the very first Performance Platform of session 2021/22!

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Three young pianists were the first to tickle the ivories in Trinity Hall on Thursday, with a further pupil streaming from home.

The weekly sessions allow pupils to play a piece of music on their instrument of choice for fellow pupils, staff and family. As well as providing experience of performing, they allow the pupils to receive feedback from music department staff.

During the pandemic, the Platforms continued by popular demand over Zoom, turning living rooms across the HSD community into music venues! And this session the live Zoom broadcasts will take place again, allowing parents and grandparents – no matter where they might be - to experience the concerts.

Piano instructor Stephen Armstrong said, “Learning the art of performing is about sharing and communication and it's a vital part of developing musicianship. 

“The pupils really enjoyed performing in the hall again.  It really helps them to see it as a very special and worthwhile occasion.”

High School of Dundee parents can join the concerts, which take place on a Thursday afternoon at 4.15pm, via a Zoom invite.