Local community tour for L2 children

As part of their topic ‘The High School of Dundee and the Community,’ children in L2 have been heading out into the local area to visit the McManus Galleries, Dundee Central Mosque, the Caird Hall and more!

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The pupils had the chance to take part in a treasure-hunt tour around the statues of Dundee City Centre, where they met characters like Oor Wullie, Desperate Dan, Admiral Duncan, and even a Polar Bear! The inquisitive youngsters learned all about the stories behind the statues as well as gaining an insight into the community right on their doorstep!

Meanwhile at the Caird Hall, the pupils were given an informative guided tour of the stage and backstage area, enjoying a taste of stardom as they learned about the household names that had used the dressing rooms. They were also treated to a private recital by city organist Stuart Muir on the concert hall’s magnificent organ.

And at the McManus Galleries the children had the chance to discover and explore a whole host of fascinating exhibits!

The pupils really enjoyed learning about their local area!