Listen with the Librarian

Looking after our wellbeing has never been more important, so we think our Librarian will forgive us for making a noise about her brand-new initiative. 

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Every week day (apart from Tuesday) from 12pm until 12.50pm, Siân Lloyd-Wiggins will be taking to Teams to read a Relaxed Lunchtime Story for senior pupils and staff. 

With attendees invited to do no more than to sit back and enjoy the story, the idea is to provide a genuine quiet space for those that want it. 

Siân said, “The aim is to give people the chance to focus on just listening along, with the option to have a chat about the book afterwards over a virtual cup of tea. 

“Finding space to relax and take care of ourselves is especially important at this time, and hopefully people will enjoy the opportunity to relax and hear some fantastic stories at the same time.”  

The first book Siân is reading is Matilda by Roald Dahl, and she will be recording the sessions for anyone who misses them. She is also running story sessions with each Junior yeargroup through the week, and Book Group takes place at lunchtime on a Tuesday.