L3 children enjoy informative local adventure!

Children in L3 have enjoyed connecting their lessons in school with the local environment.

L3 children enjoy informative local adventure!

Pupils in the year-group visited the Carse of Gowrie for an informative adventure that built on their work on the River Tay.

To kick things off they were taken on a tour of the grounds around Megginch Castle led by the School’s Outdoor Activities Co-ordinator, Gordon Ross.

The children looked at some of the different types of trees in the grounds and also found out about the special soil in the area. They also had the chance to spot some of the animals that live in the grounds, discover some of the food that’s grown on the estate, and find out about the bees that are kept at the castle, from beekeeper Gavin Ramsay. 

In the afternoon the children visited Port Allen to learn about its importance in the past as a busy port, and to find out more about the reed beds in the area.