L2 pupils celebrate half-term and Bard!

Children in L2 got together online to celebrate the start of their holidays and their appreciation of Scotland’s national Bard!

L2 half-term party

Last week L2 pupils at home and in the Care Hub connected virtually through L2 teacher Carol Rankin’s Friday Teams lesson to bring the end of the first half of term to an entertaining - and stirring! - Burns-themed conclusion.

With the yeargroup having been learning about Tam O’Shanter, L2 teacher Margaret Cardno’s Care Hub cohort presented a special shadow puppetry performance of Tam O’Shanter which they’d put together with help from Nursery EYP Ashleigh Balfour. Meanwhile, the children at home shared themed artwork which they had produced, and took turns to perform the Scots poem ‘Pets’ by Les Wheeler, which all the pupils have been learning. 

Mrs Rankin and Miss Cardno said, “It was fantastic for all the pupils to be able to be together and to take part in a special celebration. They all really enjoyed the event!”