Pupils get competitive with HSD Super League

The School is putting the spirit of competition back into Saturdays with the launch of a brand-new tournament!

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With pupils currently unable to meet teams from other schools on the sports field, Head of Hockey, Linda Anderson and Head of Rugby, Phil Godman, have created the HSD Super League.

The tournament will see 16 hockey teams and 16 rugby teams from L6/7, F1/2, F3/4 and F5/6 face off in leagues in their respective sports over the six-week lead up to Christmas.

In the end, one team from each of the two leagues will be crowned champions, and with some real prizes up for grabs, not to mention sporting pride, the stakes are high!

Phil Godman said, “With the pupils currently having no competitive fixtures, the Hockey and Rugby staff were very keen to find different ways to keep the pupils engaged.

“The pupils have been busy coming up with their own team names, which have been emblazoned onto team bibs.

“They have been enjoying getting involved. The league is giving them some competitive action on a Saturday morning, which they have all been really missing.”

The action kicked off last week, with another round of fixtures scheduled for tomorrow (Saturday 14th November). And with the results, fixtures and latest league tables being posted on the Sports Desk, you can follow the competition as it progresses.

Good luck to all the teams!