HSD Pupils Visit Berlin!

During the Easter Break, the History and Modern Studies Department led a group of 39 pupils from F4-F6 on a visit to Berlin to take in the fascinating history of a magnificent city.

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From the era of Bismarck to the Third Reich, and the Cold War to the reunification of Germany, the trip to Berlin offered a unique opportunity for the pupils to engage with the History that they have been studying.

In central Berlin, the group visited the Victory Column to learn about Bismarck’s role in the Unification of Germany; the Soviet War Memorial; the Brandenburg Gate; the memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe; the site of Hitler’s WW2 Bunker; the former Gestapo HQ; and  the Olympic Stadium, to learn about the 1936 Games.

Visits to the DDR Museum, Alexanderplatz, Checkpoint Charlie and the TV tower also provided pupils with a first-hand sense of what life was like in East Germany.

The group also travelled outside of Berlin to learn about the horrors of the Holocaust at the Wannsee Villa, followed by a powerful guided visit to Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp. The group rounded off the trip with a visit to Potsdam and the Cecelienhof Palace to learn about the Potsdam Conference of 1945 which ended WW2.

Head of History and Modern Studies, Gordon Fyall said, “Berlin is a quite extraordinary city with an extremely rich and varied history and although it has changed so much in recent years, the historical events of the 20th century remain visible on every corner.”