High School pupils design mental health resources

Pupils at the High School of Dundee have been finding creative ways to embrace the topic of Mental Health.

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As part of an Art & Design Department project on Health & Wellbeing, pupils in Form 2 created a series of documents, booklets and posters examining and providing guidance about issues such as body image, bullying, LGBTQ+, mindfulness and stress & anxiety.

Art & Design teacher Andrea Ross, who led the project, explained, “Our goal was to create resources which would help young people in our school or wider community to access engaging, yet practical advice about their mental health and wellbeing.

“This year the topic was added to the Form 2 Department Curriculum, which meant that every pupil in the year group embraced the topic in his or her own creative way. We were delighted to see our pupils approach this project with inspirational maturity.”

The materials which were produced for the project, which was supported by the School’s Guidance Team and Form 6 Wellbeing Prefects, recently went on display at the School. A booklet featuring some of the artwork which the pupils created is also being sold to raise funds for the local charity, Feeling Strong.

Founded by Brook Marshall, Feeling Strong’s goal is to make sure every young person in Dundee who has experienced a mental health challenge is supported to reach his or her full potential, by delivering services in the community that are co-produced with young people, delivered by young people and are for the benefit of young people.

Brook, who came in to school to talk to the pupils about mental health and wellbeing, said, “I think it’s a tremendous opportunity for young people to engage with the subject in a very empowering way.

“Embedding mental health in the curriculum is a great opportunity to get young people engaging with the subject matter in a way that’s more real and less abstract. I’m happy to lend Feeling Strong’s support to such a positive and hands-on project.”

Copies of the booklet are available, for a minimum donation of £5, from Mrs Ross.

More information about Feeling Strong can be found at www.feelingstrong.co.uk