Greyson bounces back from Lost Move Syndrome to win national trampolining Gold

A determined High School of Dundee pupil is celebrating a gold medal-winning performance after bouncing back from a significant challenge.

Greyson bounces back to win national trampolining Gold

Greyson Geddes, P5, recently took first place in the NDP1 boys 9-10-year-old category at the Scottish Trampolining Championships in Perth, seeing off competition from youngsters from across the country to seal the title.

But perhaps even more impressively, Greyson’s victory came after he’d also overcome Lost Move Syndrome (LMS), a psychological condition in which athletes find themselves unable to perform a skill that was previously second nature to them.

Greyson, who had previously won a number of medals at regional level, was left with altered perceptions and visual memory of the skill of trampolining after suddenly becoming affected by the condition in 2019.

Doctors suspected it was a fall that triggered the onset of LMS. However, after a year of hard work with therapists, and also some advice from trampolinists Laura Gallagher (who is representing team GB at the Tokyo Olympics) and Byrony Page, (who overcame LMS to win an Olympic silver medal in Rio in 2016), the 9-year-old returned to competition in triumphant fashion in Perth.

Greyson’s victory moved him back up four levels in the sport to NDP5, and his winning score also qualified him for the upcoming British Championships in Birmingham.

He said, “I will be both excited and nervous competing in front of a much bigger crowd than I’m used to.

“My coaches have upped my training to 4 days a week now in preparation for the nationals and it feels great to be back competing.”