Freya finds her calling with phone case business

A High School of Dundee pupil has found her calling after launching her own successful mobile phone case business!

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Since setting up Justencaseit at the end of January, Freya Tyson has sold almost 500 cases, and recently completed an order to supply property firm Graham & Sibbald with phone coverings for its entire workforce.

The F3 pupil got the inspiration to start up a business after looking online for a case for herself, and discovering that the small company which was selling the one she was interested in had been set up by a girl of a similar age.

Freya then made the bold decision to part with her savings to buy a sublimation printer and a heat press, to enable her to manufacture her own cases, which come in a number of different designs and can be customised.       

It might have been a tough choice to make at the time, but the initial £600 outlay more than paid off once she started selling the cases on the online marketplace Etsy. Since then, Freya has taken orders from Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Hawaii, not to mention most of her friends!

“When I found a small business doing it, it gave me the idea to try it myself,” says Freya. “It inspired me to think ‘I could have a go’.

“It’s going really well. It’s exciting to be shipping orders off to places at the other side of the world.”

Freya, who promotes her cases via Instagram and TikTok, says that one of her biggest challenges is juggling her business with homework and co-curricular sport.

“I do my homework first, and I find it manageable,” she says. “Working in orders around sport is the toughest thing as I’m involved in something every day of the week apart from Sundays. 

“I’m hoping to do some advertising of the business soon and I really want to keep going with it for as long as I can, and see where it goes.”

Well done Freya!