F1-F3 enjoy English and Maths at Mayfield!

We're delighted that our F1-F3 pupils are back with us two full days a week at Mayfield for the next fortnight!

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Taking advantage of the expansive green spaces on-site, they are learning outside as much as possible.

So, in English, Mr Campbell led F1 in a creative writing exercise using paper aeroplanes, their imagination, and a dose of Dundee sunshine!

English lessons at Mayfield

Meanwhile, Maths at Mayfield added up to fun in the sun for F1 today!

The pupils recorded all kinds of data, from how many star jumps they could do in a minute and how far they could jump, to the length and breadth of the rugby pitches. The youngsters will take their results and analyse them in future lessons.

It has been great to see the pupils outside in the fresh air with their friends again!

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