F1-3 Island Adventure!

F1 & F2 pupils recently embarked on a thrilling expedition to the Isles of Rum and Canna as part of the John Muir Award.

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During the 3 ferry journeys that they took, our intrepid explorers engaged in dolphin and whale watching, an activity that not only sparked their curiosity but also contributed to the Discovery Level of the John Muir Award. The valuable data they collected during these encounters will find its way to research organisations to contribute towards conservation efforts.

Setting foot upon the rugged islands, the eager pupils left no stone unturned! As they discovered and explored as much as they possibly could, highlights included their ascent up the majestic Barkeval on Rum and a spectacular clifftop walk on Canna which led them to a puffin colony.

Outdoor Activities Co-ordinator, Gordon Ross said, “All pupils did terrifically well and had the determination to explore the rugged islands which was tiring and on challenging terrain.

“They also helped to prepare all the meals and I am sure they have many fond memories and learnt valuable skills during this unique experience.”

Well done, adventurers!