Embracing Equity on International Women's Day

Inspiration has been in the air at HSD toady as pupils mark International Women’s Day!

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In Business Education, pupils joined a webinar by the Royal Economic Society highlighting the role of Women in Economics. The pupils learned about the gender gap that exists in the field and heard from speakers who work for organisations such as Amazon, the Bank of England, and the Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Offices.

The speakers talked about the key role that women play in the world of Economics, and how by shifting the perception of Economics so that it’s viewed as a multi-disciplinary subject, it can help to provide solutions to problems such as climate change and inequality.

The Physics department have unveiled a display celebrating the contribution of women in Physics and discussing the importance of diversity and inclusion in engineering.

Meanwhile, pupils in L2 immersed themselves in the worlds of Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole. The children listened intently to the stories of the two women and acted out their duties to their classmates. The pupils then considered the view of women and nursing at the time and used Venn diagrams to compare the lives and opportunities the two women were afforded.

And kicking things off, the latest edition of the pupil-created Columns newsletter was an International Women’s Day special, featuring a host of rousing articles. Pupils and staff reflected on the inspiring women in their lives, offered feminist reading recommendations, and wrote insightfully on current affairs affecting women across the world, from Ukraine to Afghanistan. You can download a copy of The Columns here.

A truly inspiring time for all of us at HSD!