Culinary classes on the menu for L3/L4

Some brand-new culinary classes are on the menu for children in L3 and L4!

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Previously, pupils in the two year groups visited the Health & Food Technology department annually for a special project before taking up regular classes in L6 and L7.

Now however the children will be spicing up their timetable with regular cooking classes in the department throughout the year!

The lessons aim not only to develop the pupils’ confidence in the kitchen but also to give them practical organisational skills and practical safety and hygiene knowledge, not to mention the chance to make an array of tasty dishes including fruit kebabs, rocky road slices, pasta salad and more.

Lesley Ross, Head of Health & Food Technology, said, “The pupils always take great pride in sharing their dishes with the family at home.

“The aim of the classes is to help nurture our pupils by allowing them to follow a recipe more independently and giving them the skills to work with confidence.”