Children uncover their own WW1 history stories

Children at the High School of Dundee have used their research skills to uncover and share their own First World War history stories.

HSD pupils uncover their own WW1 history stories

Last term, during lockdown, pupils in L7 (P7) took part in a project in which they were asked to find out about their family’s involvement in WW1.

In the ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ style challenge, the children used their history detective skills to find out if their family had any stories or memorabilia relating to the Great War.

Their investigations resulted in a trove of fascinating information and accounts relating to ancestors from Britain and the Empire, as well as the German and Austro-Hungarian Empires, which the pupils shared in an online lesson.

As a result, the youngsters were able to see artefacts like medals, service records, images, newspaper cuttings and letters, as well as hear more about the relatives themselves, their backgrounds, roles and experiences.  

L7J teacher Niall Joss, said, “The pupils were able to find out some amazing information about relatives who were involved on the Western Front, Italy, Greece, Gallipoli, Egypt and Mesopotamia, and it was really engaging for the children to be able to hear so many varied accounts from their classmates.

“The task was all about using history detective skills, so even if the pupils weren’t able to find anything, they were still developing and using their skills.”