Cadets complete comprehensive training syllabus

Members of the School’s CCF have been advancing their knowledge and skills in a range of essential activities.

Cadets complete comprehensive training syllabus

Earlier this month, 40 of the 2, 3 and 4 Star cadets took part in a comprehensive two day training syllabus which saw them put through their paces in emergency response in first aid, communication and information systems, advanced fieldcraft, advanced rifle drill and navigation.

The 2 Star cadets were introduced to radio communication, the importance of correct voice procedure and keeping information secure on a network. This was stretched further for the more experienced cadets who were given the challenge of using BATCO to encript and decript grid references, with these new skills put to the test in a Command Post Exercise.

In the evening the cadets were kept busy with the task of revising their weapon handling and completing their weapon handling tests.

In addition, the 4 Star cadets delivered their Cadet Force Instructional Technique lessons with well-defined learning outcomes and excellent engagement - capturing the attention of students – on display all round. With clarity, varied instructional strategies, and a deep understanding of the subject matter all in evidence, the cadets can be very proud of their efforts!