A bonanza of bonnets!

Children in L1 and L2 have been busy getting ready for Easter!

A bonanza of bonnets

To celebrate the occasion, L1 have been taking part in a range of themed activities, including baking, arts and crafts, learning the Easter story and bonnet making. The festivities culminated in a colourful extravaganza as the pupils paraded their splendid new headgear in front of the Pillars!

And this year, there was double the fun as L2 jumped at the chance to take part in the activities after having to miss their chance last year because of lockdown!

Best wishes to everyone in the HSD community who will be celebrating or marking religious events and festivities in the coming weeks. This time of year offers a real opportunity to focus on spring and renewal and at HSD we can’t wait to have all our pupils back on-site with us full-time very soon!