2022 SQA exam results

Congratulations to all of our 2022 SQA candidates who today have been receiving their exam results.

The High School of Dundee SQA results 2022

F5 (S5) pupils achieved an average of 4.3 Higher passes each, with more than half (59.4%) of Higher passes graded A. The Higher pass rate was 95.3% and almost a quarter (23.5%) of the year group secured a set of at least 5 A grades. 61.8% of the cohort gained five or more Higher passes.

The Fourth Years also performed strongly in the National 5 exams, securing an average of 6.8 passes each. The pass rate was 96.6%, more than ¾ of which (77.3%) were A grades, and 43.9% of the year group achieved at least 8 A grades each, and 93.9% achieved 5 or more N5 passes. 

This year, pupils in F6 (S6) secured an average of 2 Advanced Highers per pupil and the pass rate was 90.9%. Almost a quarter (24.1%) achieved 3 or more A grades, with 5 pupils gaining 3 or more A1 grades. In addition, 38.4% achieved at least two A grades at Advanced Higher.

While the F4 and F5 candidates now look forward to beginning the next stages of their school careers, the F6 pupils are getting ready to reap the rewards of their hard work through places at universities across Scotland, and beyond, including the US. As with the leavers of previous years, the class of 2022 are headed for many of the UK's most respected universities to study subjects ranging from Animation, Computer Game Design and Production, and Rural Business management, to Sound Design, Physiotherapy and Civil Engineering, as well as a wide range of languages, sciences, business and arts subjects.

Rector, Lise Hudson, said, “I am extremely proud of all of our pupils, and truly delighted for them that their – and their teachers’ - efforts have been rewarded with such excellent results.

“These results are outstanding given the fact that, because of the assessment arrangements during the pandemic, our F5 and F6 had never sat a formal SQA diet of exams. Covid created so much uncertainty and so many challenges over the last two years but our pupils and our hard-working staff have handled it all superbly, and the results are a testament to their resilience, hard-work and dedication.

“The statistics can never do justice to each individual learning journey and there will be some who will be disappointed and some who have surpassed themselves. Exam results shouldn’t define a young person; they are an important part of what we do at the school, but they are not the only part. Our commitment is to create an environment in which our pupils are nurtured to find their potential, supported to achieve their best, and aware that their best is more than good enough.”

As a part of our Post-Exam Service to pupils and parents, senior members of staff and Guidance Teachers are on hand for any pupils requiring support and advice.