Posted: Wednesday 23 May 2018

Nursery children race to embrace Sports Day

Children at the High School of Dundee Nursery have taken part in their annual Sports Day

Youthful exuberance was in plentiful supply at Mayfield last week as High School of Dundee Nursery children raced to embrace Sports Day!

Pupils at the Mary Lily Walker Building made the short dash to the surrounding School playing fields to take part in a series of friendly, fun-filled events, in front of an audience of proud parents, grandparents and friends, who had come along to lend their support.

The sun was shining as, first, children in the Ante pre-school cohort, and then, 24 hours later, pupils in the Pre-school group, enthusiastically took on activities which included hurdles, egg and spoon, hoop and running races, and team beanbag challenges.  

The School's PE staff, with whom the children have regular games sessions, were also on hand to offer the energetic youngsters some helpful hints.


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