All donations are appreciated and by making a donation, you will become part of the community of donors who understand and value our school’s capacity to advance the next generation.  We thank you for considering to philanthropically support our school.


If you would like to donate by cheque, please make the cheque payable to High School of Dundee Foundation and post or present it to

The Office of Development
High School of Dundee
Euclid Crescent

We would also like to maximise the value of your donation to the full by collecting the gift aid associated with your gift.  To this end, we would be grateful if you could complete and return our Gift Aid Form so that we can make the necessary arrangements.

Direct Debit

You can make a donation on either an Individual, Annual or Regular (monthly) basis. Please find the appropriate form here:

Individual Giving Form
Annual Giving Form
Regular Giving Form

and post or present the completed form to the Office of Development at the address given above.

These forms also include a declaration that will allow us to collect the Gift Aid associated with your donations.  Please notify us if you would not want us to make a claim for Gift Aid.   

Credit / Debit Card

We will be happy to take donations by credit card and if you would prefer to make a donation in this way, please call 01382 202 921 and ask to be put through to the Office of Development.

Matching Gifts

Some companies operate a matched giving scheme which can really increase your gift. Details will be available from your Human Resources Department which you can then pass on to us here at the Office of Development.

Share Giving

Gifts of shares would be very welcome. Both individuals and companies can claim Income tax relief and can also obtain relief from Inheritance Tax and Capital Gains Tax.

Payroll Giving

Any amount can now be given using the payroll giving scheme, and as any such donations are deducted before tax, each £10 you give will only cost you £8. If you are a higher rate tax payer it will only cost you £6.

In Memoriam

Any gift can be made in memory of a loved one, and their name recognised on our Donor Roll. There are opportunities for a more permanent memorial for a deceased loved one here at the school. Please feel free to contact The Office of Development for further details.

Adding Value

Understanding Gift Aid

The Gift Aid Scheme enables us to claim tax relief on all donations made by U.K. taxpayers, increasing the value of your gift to us by 25%.

A completed Gift Aid Form with any donation, or the Gift Aid declaration on our Giving Forms will allow us to reclaim basic rate tax on the value of any gift and this is done at no additional cost to you. 

Please note however that if in any tax year you pay less Income Tax and / or Capital Gains Tax than the amount of Gift Aid claimed on all your donations, it will be your responsibility to pay any difference.

Basic Rate Taxpayers

An illustration of the tax benefit to the School is provided below.







Tax claimed






School receives






Higher Rate Taxpayers 

Under the Gift Aid scheme higher rate taxpayers benefit from a 40% tax deduction. They can reclaim the difference between the basic rate and the higher rate on their Self Assessment form, enabling them to give more. 

Planned giving over a fixed period may be the most convenient way for a higher rate taxpayer to give a substantial sum. It is possible for a donation to be made in instalments, provided the donor remains in the 40% tax bracket. 


Please simply pay the gift in full and claim tax relief for this amount on your Corporation Tax Return Form.

Online Giving