Induction and Pastoral Care


For children joining the School in August, we run formal induction events for all year groups from L1-F1 during early June.  These are an opportunity for pupils to get to know their new teachers and classmates, and start to familiarise themselves with their classrooms.  Parents will also be invited to attend information evenings and other events. 

Once term has started in August, the Junior School runs a formal Buddy system, where existing pupils are paired up with new entrants, to ensure that newcomers are quickly made to feel welcome and comfortable in their new surroundings.

In Form 1, senior pupils and staff are on hand to help new pupils find their way, and all pupils will attend a residential team-building event shortly after the start of term.

Pastoral care

The Guidance system is designed to ensure that all pupils receive support in four main areas: personal, social, curricular and careers / vocational.

Each pupil in the Junior School is in the daily care of the Class Teacher, and in the Senior School each pupil is in contact with his or her Group Teacher at registration each day of the school week. 

Pupils are allocated to a particular House, and all members of a family will be allocated to the same House.  As far as possible, pupils will stay with the same Guidance teacher throughout their secondary education. This system enables each Guidance teacher to get to know individual pupils well through regular meetings, both on a one-to-one basis and in a group of others in the same House.

One member of the Guidance Team is always available before 9 am and at lunchtime, so that pupils with any concerns can drop in to discuss the matter straight away.